4 Effective Tips for Commercial CCTV Camera Planning, Positioning and Installation

Security cameras are significant technological innovations that have changed how people perceive commercial security. With rising crime rates in urban areas, the importance of CCTV cameras cannot be overlooked. Typically, installing surveillance cameras on a commercial property requires adequate planning and positioning. For that reason, this post will discuss some practical tips for CCTV camera placement during installation to get everything right. Read on to find out more. 

Avoid Too Much Backlighting 

During commercial CCTV installation, especially within reception areas or spaces with many windows, ensure that you avoid excessive backlighting. That's because your surveillance cameras might experience challenges adjusting to extreme light. Therefore, place your cameras at an angle that allows capturing extensive details, away from excess backlighting, to enhance the camera's chances of identification. 

Ensure Consistency in Lighting

As previously stated above, CCTV cameras can have a hard time adjusting to excess backlighting. Therefore, ensure that you install them in areas with consistent lighting to achieve a superior vision. Inconsistent lighting fixtures can considerably impact the camera's picture and video qualities. Thus, ensuring uniform lighting in monitored spaces can guarantee excellent camera footage in case of an event. 

Select the Ideal Cameras for Your Locations

Most modern surveillance cameras are designed to record videos in almost any location. However, it's imperative to determine the ideal CCTV cameras with optimal performance for different sections of your commercial space. Picking the best surveillance cameras for specific locations will guarantee maximum security.

For instance, when dealing with an office storage room, consider installing smaller 360-degrees dome cameras. While this option might be ideal for smaller rooms, it might not benefit other extensive areas of your commercial space. Ideally, they aren't well-suited for large-sized sections on the commercial property like parking lots. 

DIY vs Professional Camera Installation

Commercial CCTV installations are usually complex and tricky to install if you don't have the expertise and experience. If you are unsure about what must be done, always outsource the installation task to reputable security surveillance professionals. DIY camera installation might sound like a cheaper alternative, but you risk improper placement and installation of your surveillance cameras. Blind spots are a common cause of security breaches and unauthorised access. 

However, hiring experts for the job means having confidence they will perform proper planning and positioning of all surveillance cameras to guarantee maximum protection for your commercial premises. Therefore, consider finding a professional surveillance camera installer in your area to enjoy all these benefits.

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