What Are Some Of The Differences Between Commercial And Residential Security Systems?

Buildings of all different types are often protected by security systems. If you have a home, commercial building or both and haven't purchased security systems for them, then you're probably making a mistake. There are some similarities between security systems that are used for residential and commercial purposes, but there are typically some differences, too. If you're wondering about the differences that you might notice between the two types of systems — such as if you're interested in installing a system in your home and in your business — consider these common differences:

More Components Are Often Needed For Commercial Systems

With both types of security systems, multiple components might be needed and used. You might install multiple motion detectors, alarms, cameras and more. However, you can expect that more components are needed when you're setting up a commercial system. Your commercial building might be bigger than your home. You might also be more concerned about security in certain ways. In your home, you might just want to set up surveillance cameras outdoors. If you have a commercial building, however, it is probably you want to install surveillance cameras outdoors as well as indoors. After all, this will allow you to keep an eye on your employees and watch for shoplifting, which isn't things that you have to worry about with a home system.

Monitoring Costs Can Vary

When installing a security system in either a residence or a commercial building, it's typically a good idea to sign up for monitoring services. This way, if something happens in your home or business when no one is there, the relevant authorities will be contacted and you will typically be notified as well. Monitoring services vary between the different companies that offer them. Additionally, you typically have to choose between a commercial or residential contract. In many cases, commercial monitoring services are a bit more expensive than residential monitoring services. However, for either type of security system, there are typically good, reliable monitoring companies out there that offer reasonable pricing. In some cases, you can save money on these monitoring services — no matter what type of building you're protecting — by signing a contract or paying for monitoring services annually instead of monthly.

These are a couple of the primary differences between commercial and residential security systems. With the help of a professional who installs security systems, you can find out more about these differences and can have the right systems installed in all of your properties.

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