Tips for Having Security Cameras Installed on Your Property

Security cameras will help turn your house into a safe haven where you can relax. Additionally, they will allow you to monitor what's going on if you're out, so you won't arrive home to a scary situation. Here are some tips for undergoing a security camera installation.

Get them Professionally Installed

It's better to have the cameras professionally installed, as you can be sure they're effective. Experts will know the best locations to put the cameras, ensuring that they're not obstructed and have good visibility. If you install them yourself in the wrong spot, the cameras could provide a false sense of security but fail to deliver if you get broken into. Additionally, you could encounter problems with the wifi or the wiring and have to troubleshoot. If you get stuck, it may cost more to seek expert help.

Common House Areas to Place Cameras

While security specialists can advise on where to put the cameras, here are some common and useful spots. You should put a camera at the front door so you can see who is knocking or leaving parcels. Criminals often target the front door as well, so the camera will deter or photograph them. Other common entry points for thieves are the back door and ground floor windows, areas that thus require camera protection.

All homes are different, with particular vulnerabilities that need to be considered. For example, your property may be adjacent to a shopping centre car park. In that case, a camera can be fixed at a vantage point to protect that area of your yard.

Practical Limitations on Camera Placement

Practical factors also limit the placement of security cameras. They need a stable base to attach to, and they should be high enough to provide a wide view. However, a too-high camera will capture the heads of people and not their faces. Your installers can fit some cameras with tamper-resistant housings if they are set lower.

The appropriate height depends on the particular camera and its purpose. Some are fixed to the corner of a building, for example, to get a sweeping general view of the house and garden rather than zoom in on a face. If the cameras are being hardwired into your house rather than connected via wifi, they need to be in a position where the cabling can reach them. Additionally, security cameras should be somewhat protected from extreme weather, though most are weatherproof.

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