4 Ways to Prepare for a Security System Installation

A residential security system helps keep your home, belongings and family safe. Installation is often done in a day, but there are a few things you will need to do ahead of time to prepare. 

1. Permit Requirements

Depending on the type of system you are installing and local regulations, it may be necessary to apply for a permit. Some municipalities require permits for any type of security system, while others may only require permits if the system automatically calls emergency services in the event it is activated. Failure to get the proper permits can result in major fines. In many instances, your installation service can provide guidance on local permit requirements.

2. System Mapping

It's vital that you plan ahead and map out the system well in advance of installation day. Your installer will likely set up an appointment to come by and map out the system, but you will need to be available to give input on the final plan. Mapping includes everything from determining where window and door alarms will be placed, as well as the location of any security cameras and lighting that you plan to put on the outside of the house. Electrical and phone lines, as well as Wi-Fi receiver points that feed into the system will also need to be mapped.

3. Access Needs

With the installation map in hand, it's relatively easy to prepare for the installer's site access needs. You may need to temporarily move furniture or take down window coverings in order to provide installation access. Outside, consider whether your landscaping may make installation more difficult. Trimming back bushes under the eaves, for example, may make it much easier to install a security camera in the right location. Your installer will also let you know about any special access needs that they may require.

4. Panel Locations

Control panels are an important part of your system. Although many modern security systems can be controlled via a smartphone or computer, there is still usually at least one physical control panel within the home. This panel needs to be centrally located in an area that can be easily and quickly accessed in the event you need to shut down or activate the alarm manually. Often, panels are placed near a main entrance door, but you can place one anywhere that is convenient. It's also possible to install more than one control panel.

Contact a residential security system installation company, such as Micom Security Pty Ltd, to learn more.

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